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Getting the message out there about litter and dog poo

The Heath Big Local is, with the help of local school children, sending a message to people who litter and don’t clean up their dogs mess. This follows consultation with residents about what was important to them, and litter and dog poo were high on their list.

“In response to residents’ concerns, last year we launched a poster competition for children from local schools. The winning posters would then be made into signs that have now been erected around the Heath, to raise aware and reduce the incidence of litter and dog poo,” said the partnership’s Chairman, Zdzislaw Krupski.

Lynne Shelton, who is Vice-Chair, went on to say: “The idea behind the project is to encourage children to respect where they live, and for them to inspire others to do the same.

“We have a few signs left, so if anybody knows of a particular area with a problem they can let us know by contacting us by visiting our website or phoning 01889 620598.

“The Heath Big Local would also like to thank local handyman James Peaty for donating his time erecting these signs around the Heath.”

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