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What is the Heath Big Local?

The Heath Big Local is managed by a group of local residents and organisations, which was formally constituted as the Heath Big Local Partnership in October 2013.

Now called Heath Big Local who have formally signed the mandate of understanding with the local trust and have accepted the terms and conditions of the Heath Big Local Partnership.

If you live in the Heath area, this means you – so get in touch or get involved!

The Heath Big Local Area

Terms & Reference

There are specific rules laid down by the Local Trust about how the Partnership should be structured. The Partnership must meet the following membership criteria:

  • There must be at least eight members.
  • At least 51% of members must be individuals who normally live within The Heath Big Local’s boundaries.
  • The Partnership consists of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Local Trusted Organisation Representative and is supported by a Local Trust Representative Officer and partnership members.
  • A majority (at least 51%) of members are involved in their own right, and not formally representing the interests of other organisations.The first members of the Partnership will be nominated by the Steering Group with nominations were also invited from residents and were subject to approval at the Launch event. In subsequent years officers of the Partnership are appointed by the Annual General Meeting as laid out in the Terms and Reference.

The Partnership

To comply with these requirements, the Steering Group nominated a list of people, and elections took place at the launch event. The Partnership currently hold an Annual General Meeting to elect the officers.


Chairperson: Mary Dodgson

As well as being elected chair of the Heath Big Local, Mary is also a school governor at St Mary’s School in Uttoxeter. She also runs the InsideOuters youth group and organises the cookery and craft at a holiday play scheme. She also helps at other groups including Rainbows and a local toddler group.

Mary is interested in the environment, is treasurer of the Uttoxeter Fairtrade steering group, and vice-chair of the Heath Community Centre. She also helped to set up ‘Soup4Starters’ and ‘Food for Thought’.

Mary is now retired and believes her greatest achievements are her three children and two grandsons. Since 1978, she has worked with other people’s children in various support roles, including in schools and youth groups.

Mary enjoys volunteering, believing it makes a difference to our community. She first heard about the Heath Big Local in 2012 and has been glad to support other partnership members in making positive changes in the Heath. She thinks the Big Local is a wonderful opportunity to make positive changes.

Vice Chairperson: Rev. Margaret Sherwin

  • Responsibilities - Community Networking Link

Rev. Margaret Sherwin is Rector of St Marys Church, Uttoxeter and St Mary on the Heath Mission Church, and is also the Area Rector for the Uttoxeter Area of Parishes.

As a local vicar she is interested in supporting the needs of local people. Margaret is involved in local schools at a Trustee of the Uttoxeter Learning Trust Multi Academy Trust and other local schools governing bodies and is a regular visitor to Windsor Park Middle School. She has young people high on her agenda.

Before she moved to Uttoxeter in 2016, Margaret was successful in applying for and being granted a £1.2million grant from the Church Commissioners for a project in the north west called ‘Transforming Wigan’.

Rev. Sherwin is a resident of the Heath and brings many years of committee experience, working with various types of people and situations.

Voting members

Robert Elliot

Neil Langford

Gwynn Shaw

Margaret Gascoigne

Hannah Groom

Rupert Hill

Affiliated Organisations

As well as the individual members, the Partnership also includes representatives from local organisations who have a stake in community activities in the area:

Sue McGavin: Local Trust Representative

Sara Botham: ESBC Link Representative

  • Responsibilities - East Staffordshire Borough Council Representative

Sara Botham is the Neighbourhood Coordinator at East Staffordshire Borough Council and works with local community groups and organisations to deliver projects in their area.

Since the Heath was announced as a Big Local area in 2012, she has worked to support delivery of Heath Big Local, offering support and guidance to the Partnership and a link to East Staffordshire Borough Council where needed to assist with the delivery of projects.

As a non-resident member of the Partnership, Sara doesn’t have voting rights at meetings and so continues to act in an advisory capacity.

Dawn Maddin

  • Responsibilities - Community Engagement at Trent and Dove Housing

The Heath Big Local area contains a high concentration of Trent & Dove properties. Dawn is the Community Engagement Manager at Trent & Dove Housing, a role that enables her to work with community groups to encourage community participation while facilitating and developing projects that meet community need and interest.

Dawn has facilitated a community project which was awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2016.

Outside of work, Dawn’s interests include travelling, walking her dog and spending time with her family. She has also overcome a fear of water, to become a PADI qualified scuba diver.

The Partners have all signed up to a Code of Practice document. If you'd like to read this document, click here.


The Heath Big Local funds come ultimately from the Big Lottery Fund part of the National Lottery, via the Local Trust.

Local Trust is a non-profit company operated by a charity called Big Local Trust. Local Trust’s company registration number is 783336, and its registered charity number is 1147511. Big Local Trust’s charity number is 1147511.

Local Trust is a non-profit company operated by a charity called Big Local Trust.
Company registration number: 783336. Registered charity number: 1147511.

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