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Big boost for Kirk House by Heath Big Lottery

At a presentation at Kirk House on the 8th July, Penny and Zdzislaw Krupski and Sue Wilkinson on behalf of the Heath Big Local handed Kirk House Matron and Trustees a cheque for just over £9,900 from their lottery-funded grant.

Following the recent full Care Quality Commission inspection which resulted in a “Good” rating in all respects, this will now enable all at Kirk House to continue to look forward to future expansion and general improvements and, in particular at this time, replace much needed and long overdue carpeting in the entrance hall and adjoining passageways and other flooring in the building generally.

The work enabled by the Heath Big Lottery’s help will greatly enhance the interior of Kirk House, provide a more welcoming and comforting environment for both residents and staff. It is certain to be much appreciated by all users of the residential home for many years to come.

Without this most generous assistance from the Heath Big Lottery the re-carpeting and related work which can now be done would have remained a pipe-dream.

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