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Big Local support for InsideOuters Youth Group

A local youth group has received a cheque for £180.00 from the Heath Big Local, to help fund several visits to the town’s local musician centre.

So far, during the two visits to the Blackdog Jazz Café and Musician Centre, the young people of the InsideOuters Youth Group have had an opportunity to practice their life, money and social skills.

They’ve purchased and enjoyed drinks of hot chocolate at the café whilst listening to jazz music. Not only that, they were all given the chance to try their hand at playing the guitar and drums.

Mary Dodgson, who runs the group with the help of several volunteers, said: “The young people all agreed they’ve had an excellent time at the two sessions we’ve attended so far, and enjoyed their visit to the Black Dog Jazz Café.

“Many of our young people have autism, a complex developmental condition that affects their socialisation and communication skills. Research has shown that music is processed by individuals with autism in similar ways to the mainstream person.

“Uttoxeter InsideOuters would like to thank the Heath Big Local for their donation of £180, it really does make a difference.”

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