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Extra funding for sports leadership and craft, art and cookery

Emma Varnam from the Sports Council and Mary Dodgson from the Uttoxeter InsideOuters Youth Group are working together to provide a fun filled summer for children age 6 to 16 years. The play sessions take place every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am to 3pm at the Heath Community Centre.

The Sports in the Hood team provide a free seven week programme of sports, and this year the Uttoxeter InsideOuters Youth Group is providing craft, art and cookery sessions in a side room too.

Mary wishes to thank Penny Krupski and Mark Kelsall, who presented the grant cheque for £2019 on behalf of the Heath Big Local during the first session of the summer play scheme.

The grant will make it possible to fund extra activities, such as craft, art and cookery on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and a Sports Youth Leaders course on the seven holiday Tuesday evenings for young people aged 13 years and above from 5.30pm and 7.30pm. A young person on the Sports Leaders course said she was ‘very excited about course.’

Mary and her helper Danielle set the first day’s task, and it was to design, paint and plant planters, and these are on view outside the Heath Community Centre.

A boy helping to design the planters was ‘worried his Staffordshire knot had turned into a bow’, but we the leaders told him they liked the bow more. The last plant, lavender, to be planted was grown at Prince Charles Highgrove home, and was placed near paper bugs, and butterflies made by the children. Most of the plants can be eaten, so fun was had as children tasted lettuce and edible flowers too.

The Uttoxeter InsideOuters Youth Group wish to thank the ESBC Greenhouses and local gardener Daz Guntripp who donated the plants. The plants left over from the day’s activity were planted in the nearby borders, and watered by the children. This will be the first task of each day for the young people this summer, and hopefully if we do it right, some of the lettuce will go home with the children for teatime.

It is planned that during the next seven weeks all the children will have the chance to experience a variety of activities and sports. Mary’s helper Danielle is taking charge of the cookery sessions and the first recipe is for cheese scones.

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