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Heath Big Local helps residents get closer to nature

The county’s leading nature conservation charity is encouraging Uttoxeter residents to interact with their local green spaces after helping to deliver a series of wildlife and nature themed activities in the town.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust has been delivering a series of activities, working with local residents, schools and community groups in the town, to increase their links to their local ‘wild space.’ This has been done through a series of events being held by the Trust and at sites in Uttoxeter, including at Pennycroft Park and Bramshall Road Park.

The Trust was approached by the Heath Big Local Partnership to deliver a programme of activities to the value of £7,000.

The Heath area is one of 150 communities around the UK where residents have been given the exciting opportunity to use £1 million to make a lasting and positive difference to their communities.

Staffordshire Wildlife Walk in Uttoxeter July 2015 - 2 - Heath Big Local

Shaun Rimmer, from Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, said: “We have a really active, local group in East Staffordshire, and as a Trust, have plenty of experience working with communities in surrounding areas.

“We have been delivering a multitude of community and family activities in the Heath area in Uttoxeter this year, with more to come. They have included formal education to activities for pre-school children and young children and families.

“We were delighted to be approached by Heath Big Local Partnership to deliver the project and it is enabling people across Uttoxeter to get closer to nature and wildlife where they live.”

Around ten activities have already been delivered by the Trust this year, including bug hunting events, family wildlife walks, hay meadow creation and a Wildlife Watch event. More activities are planned at both locations in the future.

Nicola Wood, Heath Big Local representative, said: “I’m delighted that the Heath Big Local Partnership has been able to fund these activities for children and families in the Heath area and I would like to thank the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust for making these events so successful.”

Staffordshire Wildlife Walk in Uttoxeter July 2015 - 3 - Heath Big Local

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