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Ideas for Heath Big Local Projects

There is up to £1 million of lottery funding available to the Heath Big Local, but this money is not simply given to us to spend in any way we like.

It has to be spent on specific projects which have been suggested by the local community, carefully evaluated and costed by the Partnership, and approved by the Big Lottery Fund.

So it's up to us, the community, to come up with ideas about how we want to improve our local neighbourhood.


Consultation with the community has been a major part of the work undertaken so far by the Steering Group and Partnership.

We have organised a few events of our own, and operated stands at a large number of other local events, in an effort to get as much input as possible from the community.

The result of this process is a list of ideas and suggestions contributed by all kinds of people and organisations, and a summary of these is provided below. But it is important to keep a flow of new ideas coming in, so if you have any suggestions of your own, please get in touch.

More detail of the consultations and responses is provided in the Big Local Full Report, which you can download from the Documents and Records page.

Suggestions from Residents

Our initial consultation received a total of 365 suggestions and ideas. We have broken these down into categories as follows:

Heath Big Local Response Pie Chart

The list below shows in full the wide range of issues and ideas which people have talked to us about. It's very long! Many of the items listed are ideas for specific projects, but the list also includes general issues where people would like to see improvements or investment, and issues of concern which people have raised with us. To make the list a bit more digestible, we have also divided it into a larger number of narrower subject areas - click on the headings to show or hide the items in each subject area.

Green Spaces and Recreation Spaces

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  • Turn Heath allotments into community garden/allotments/forest garden/farm with involvement of schools.
  • Tighter control of the ‘children’ that are allowed to use the Heath Community Centre park (up to 12 years old).
  • Fenced/gated area around the park (Heath Community Centre) to control older children that use the park area.
  • A facility that is fit for purpose - play facility for young children (at Heath Community Centre)
  • Other area for older children, engage them and give them somewhere appropriate to meet
  • Have a lockable facility with clear signage
  • Park Watch/Signage identifying number to contact.
  • Neighbourhood Park Watch.
  • Outdoor gym.
  • Better bins in parks for rubbish.
  • Recreation area off Bowling Green Road could be improved.
  • Enhance Community Parks
  • Create park facilities at the Community Centre that welcome appropriate people
  • 4 – 8 year olds play equipment
  • 9 – 12 year olds equipment
  • 12 – 18 year olds – area to meet
  • Lockable facility
  • Improve footpath Hall Road to Holly Road
  • All recreation areas should be included (in Town).
  • Play areas that are for ages e.g. 8 – 13 year olds, 1 – 8 years.
  • Tennis Courts.
  • Bowling green.
  • Keep the trees and green spaces/allotments.
  • Keep fit equipment for adults like e.g. on the North Wales coast.
  • Landscape ‘Bakery end’ on Heath Road near allotment entrance. Hard core car park also for St Mary's school.
  • Timed sessions for age groups using skate park.
  • New children’s park – young children at Heath Community Centre.
  • Make the children’s park more attractive to families [outside Heath Community Centre].
  • Problems on Princess Road Park
  • Near to homes – children sitting/talking/shouting along fences
  • Play area not really used apart from by teenagers
  • Balls going over people’s fences
  • Dog fouling – needs to be enforced
  • Like Princess Park
  • More (lots) of space to ride bikes
  • In the winter can go sledging down the slopes
  • Improvements to Princess Road Park
  • Dog walking facilities
  • Dog trail around park, fenced off so children can’t go on
  • Skate park/BMX area – ramps etc, Rec is too far away
  • Posts to stop vehicles coming down to park
  • Climbing wall
  • Better swings for older children – not just baby swings
  • Facility for children
  • Move play area from near houses
  • Fitness equipment
  • Outdoor facilities – wooden trim trail
  • Toilets
  • Shelter for teenagers in the middle of park (away from houses)
  • Move bench away from houses
  • Play area needs improving
  • Could be more on park- big space, could be used for more
  • Better park for older and younger children – zip wire
  • Doggy training area
  • More play equipment on Bramshall Road Park for older children (6+).
  • Outdoor Fitness.
  • Play equipment for children with special needs.
  • Outdoor water play area.
  • Parks need improvement – water park and sand.
  • Flooding on Pennycroft.
  • Adult gym equipment on recreation ground (Bramshall).
  • Exercise m/c’s in park – Adult.
  • A better football park – Davies Drive.
  • Trim Trail – Bramshall.
  • Motorcross (Pennycroft).
  • Actually be allowed to play football instead of getting harassed by the police or just generally annoying people #unfair (Davies Drive).
  • Skate Park at Princess Road Park.
  • Play equipment for older children, rugby pitch at the Bramshall end of the park.
  • Improvements to green space at Howitt Crescent and/or Pennycroft Park.
  • Zip wire
  • Football pitch
  • Bigger slide
  • Roundabout
  • Mini built in trampoline (like on Hazlewalls)
  • Climbing frame
  • Benches in the shade
  • Pavilion
  • Netball/basketball hoop
  • Bike stand thing
  • Crazy golf
  • Kiosk
  • Half park half scooter ramp
  • Change the baby things- bigger swings
  • Outdoor gym equipment
  • Monkey bars
  • Pool
  • Howitt Crescent green space
  • Plant apple trees and tomato plants
  • Peace garden
  • Repaint gate to look more attractive
  • Proper sign on the gates
  • Green space on Harvey Place
  • Make green space pretty
  • Create small flower beds at corners but leave middle space for football
  • Plant trees
  • Green space off Greenacres Drive, could be added to – swings?
  • Play area – outside Heath Community Centre, something for older children at community centre or nearby.
  • Designated areas to let dogs off leads.
  • Improve and upgrade Princess Road Park – more play equipment, do something with the space.
  • Bandstand [on Bramshall Road Park].
  • Bramshall Park – Play equipment for older children, nothing there.
  • Something closer to Shipton Drive for children like play area, footie court. Somewhere safe for 10+ years (as you get older children at Bramshall Road) to go independently
  • Seating for teenagers on Bramshall Park - benches with covers somewhere to socialise.
  • More greenery all year round.
  • Seasonal Cafe and New Toilets in Bramshall Park.
  • Somewhere to ride motorbikes – off road. Safe place, with set out route.
  • Football – goal posts. Provide more space on the parks for playing football.
  • Not just to be spent on more sports facilities.
  • Parks and pathways looking tired.
  • Lighting around children’s Heath Park.
  • Improved play facilities.
  • More lighting on the park to stop teens gathering.
  • Refurb play area outside community centre – lots of badly peeling paint and rust.
  • More play area for older children.
  • Nothing to do for that in between age – that is 8 to 12 year olds- more facilities in park areas- climbing, sand, water- keep kids active.
  • Ashbourne and Markeaton Park are fab and well known in all towns, let Uttoxeter be the same. Attract people, visitors to our town.
  • Development at Princess Road Park. Small children, somewhere to enjoy that’s close.
  • Improve Princess Park.
  • Improve green spaces by Stanley Crescent and Greenacres - play equipment for older children.
  • Garden area to the rear of the Church (Pentecostal Church).
  • Stanley Crescent – green area could be a proper park.
  • Play area at Heath Community Centre – more for young children.
  • Seating area (bench) on play area at Hamilton Avenue.
  • Playground with swings on Davies Drive.
  • A park like Pennycroft's more central to Heath area, with Picnic facilities.
  • Play area outside Heath Community Centre could do with being rejuvenated.
  • Princess Road Park, needs to be more, suitable for all ages.
  • Sandpit and water splash area (on Bramshall park) (like Ashbourne park).
  • Football pitch.
  • Something in the parks for children with physical disabilities.
  • Swings for young children with special needs.
  • Davies Drive park needs playground and dog area.
  • Proper football pitch – Bramshall Park.
  • Bramshall Road park café, rest stop required.
  • Pennycroft park- more on parks, lighting, camera to monitor it.
  • Dirt jumps for BMX bikes (like opposite McDonalds) The kids go there all the time but the road is dangerous to cross. A BMX track with humps like in Burton would be ideal!
  • Make a better park by the heath community centre that can have lockable gates like Bramshall Road Park to be locked at certain times to stop vandalism.
  • The grassed area outside [the community centre] would be ideal for children to play on, unfortunately it is used by dog walkers as a toilet area.
  • If the area was fenced off and some 'no dogs' signs erected, may be even with a football goal for the kids, the area would be used much more.
  • Princess Road Park – can there be more slides for the children and a water feature/area like there is on one of the parks in Ashbourne.
  • Tennis courts on Bramshall Park need floodlights.
  • Gardening clubs for children.
  • Urban harvesting – where unused public land is sown with spare seeds etc by anybody who wants to, and then people can harvest it.
  • Oldfields Sports ground – improvements for Uttoxeter Football Club (separate proposals submitted).


Footpaths, Roads and Parking

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  • Make the area scooter and wheelchair friendly, especially footpaths with barriers on them to stop cycling.
  • Encourage more cycling and walking by enhanced cycleway and footpaths. Keep it connected.
  • Traffic calming on New Road and Heath Road (not speed bumps though).
  • Improve the state of the footpaths.
  • Grit Bin by 75 Heath Road.
  • No dog poo bins from Sycamore Close to Holly Road.
  • Pavements St Mary’s.
  • Traffic Management.
  • Heath Road Cross Road junction – give way sign is ignored. I live on the one way part of Heath Road I have had many misses when coming in from Heath Road.
  • Bus shelter in Holly Road attracts damage and loitering- aluminium gets kicked.
  • Parking in front of houses is a problem on Princess Road Park – not enough space.
  • Speeding a problem along New Road.
  • Path to McDonalds.
  • Parking layby on Harvey Road needs resurfacing.
  • More cycle paths.
  • Cycle lanes on pavements all over.
  • More seating around town and in streets.
  • Cinder Path – dog fouling and on nearby paths.
  • Cinder Path – how can this be improved? Safety, lighting, it’s used by lots of people.
  • Stop Oldfields School parents parking down Hall Road! It’s too dangerous.
  • Road and pavement surfacing.
  • More grit bins – Kimberley Drive, Elmwood Grove. On the bus route, lots of elderly residents and not currently on the gritting route.
  • Bike lanes – not allowed to ride on pavements but cars don’t like it when they ride on the road, get too close to cars. Not really space around the estates either.
  • The state of the roads – potholes.
  • Don’t like the increase in traffic.
  • Slow down traffic.
  • Need pedestrian crossings on New Road.
  • Repair roads and pavements.
  • More parking at the schools.
  • Fix potholes in roads, pavements etc.
  • More parking at schools – traffic chaos morning and night.
  • Car parking in Moseley Drive is a problem.
  • Speeding traffic is unacceptable but not much done – POOR!
  • New Road – calming measures for traffic.
  • Additional parking provision in planning for adequate levels of parking. Allow emergency vehicles through to maintain traffic flows.
  • Car parking – ease/maintain traffic flows, keep roads clear.
  • Neglect of all footpaths, Cinder Path, paths around Fox's.
  • Footpaths need better maintenance, hedges cutting back, litter and dog fouling.
  • Path through allotments to St Josephs- Cinder Path – safety, dog poo- needs improving.
  • Weaver Road and Stanley Crescent onto New Road. Footpaths are overgrown, slanting, roots growing through ice damage.
  • Cut through by Hermitage needs work.
  • Improve lighting on paths to make people feel safer.
  • More benches- too long to walk to Town from Heath without a rest stop.
  • Cycle tracks.
  • Parking on pavements causing problems – Pennycroft.
  • Cinder path – broken poles, dirty fence in bad repair.
  • Safe cycle paths for children.
  • Worried about crossing A50 to get to McDonalds – safer crossing.
  • Parking bays and landscaping surrounding them on Grange Road to ease parking issues in area.
  • Convenience of access to A50.



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  • Bus Route.
  • Community buses – transport
  • Improved train services- especially a through service Manchester Airport- Nottingham. Half hourly. More than one coach throughout the day.
  • Later trains in evening.
  • Additional comment written on “YES YES YES! AGREE!!”
  • More frequent 428 buses .
  • Bus drivers taking money to places they are not going to. Then asking young people to get off bus, 3 girls left at Alton Towers.
  • Cycle paths.
  • Reliable bus services! (first bus).


General Appearance of Area

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  • Improve frontages of shops.
  • Smarten the area around the shops [Windsor Road].
  • Litter a problem – so more bins. Dog poo everywhere.
  • Screen bins near to flats on Harvey Road.
  • More dog bins.
  • Disposable dog poo bags available.
  • Run down/old - needs updating.
  • To clean area up.
  • Update public areas, regeneration to make it look more appealing.
  • Better lighting in the surrounding area.
  • In the Heath it is a bit untidy with litter and it needs more nature.
  • Dog fouling is a problem.
  • More (some) dog fouling enforcement to get the current disgusting mess under control.
  • Dog fouling enforcement. Too many irresponsible dog owners.
  • Tidying up some scruffy area, helps residents to be proud of their surroundings.
  • More litter bins for dog waste and rubbish.
  • Dog mess everywhere.
  • Tidy up 5 shops – messy.
  • Like that the area is quiet and picturesque.


Children and Young People

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  • Support youth provision in liaison with schools (outside school hours).
  • Teenager facilities.
  • Activities for children with special needs.
  • Young people need to get involved with Big Local – their future!
  • Seating for teenagers on Bramshall Park - benches with covers somewhere to socialise.
  • More facilities like play areas and clubs for children with additional needs.
  • Youth club/drop in, something informal, after school, space for them to ‘hang out’, different ages on different nights.
  • Something for the Young People.
  • Children/teens causing trouble at nights.
  • Kids hanging around.
  • Youth club/discos.
  • More things for adolescents to do.
  • More things for children/teens to do to keep kids out of trouble.
  • Boring for kids.
  • Poor facilities for young people.
  • Facilities for young people – zero facilities, inadequate play.
  • Young people/youth centre. Give young people something to do. Reduce anti-social behaviour!
  • Possible teenage project in area i.e. planting area – discourages vandalism.
  • Kids need more things to do at night.
  • Could do with activity such as for 12 yrs to 18 yrs arcades or something they can do.
  • Encourage children at Windsor and Oldfields to be involved in BL community funded project to raise aspiration.
  • Children’s activities at Heath Community Centre.
  • Youth club for younger people.
  • Fitness classes for children.
  • The town has a burgeoning local music scene. The Heath is full of talented young people that need rehearsal space and guidance. A project to provide this would benefit the youth greatly by giving them direction and vital promotion that is so difficult to come by. Local musicians could be involved providing workshops, town is full to bursting with talented musicians who would be willing to help. It would also provide a less structured musical environment than schools enabling our talented young people further their talents in whatever direction they wish to take.
  • Any area needs to invest in its youth and invest in the talents of that youth whatever it is and this area has an awful lot of talented young musicians in it.
  • Money towards supporting/ starting up summer camps/holiday clubs for children who can do day trips out, activities etc that can cover all ages as nothing much for children to do within the school holidays. Youth clubs or activities centre for children (middle school up) to hang out where they could do activities or sports etc to keep them off the street.
  • The area really needs some after school provision for 5-13 year olds - there is no after school provision in the area, the only after school club I'm aware of is at Picknalls first school. My children attend St Mary's and I avoid using after school care as I do not want the children walking the route to Picknalls as the road there is congested and dangerous.
  • Youth facility/provision to engage with more young people, this is what’s lacking in the area.
  • Speech therapy for pre school children.
  • Gardening clubs for children.
  • 'SPACE' type club for children. Used to be run by the police.

Community Facilities and Buildings

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  • Information about what's going on, how to book the community centre- better publicity.
  • New main hall floor for Wilfred House. Estimates around £5,000. Many Heath residents use Wilfred House as it is the only other community centre in Uttoxeter.
  • PCSO office at community centre.
  • Facilities for all.
  • Extend building and use of community centre.
  • Utilise Heath Community Centre for social interaction for the elderly.
  • A more comprehensive community centre.
  • Community shop e.g. Marchington.
  • Improve the community centre.
  • To use somewhere like the Heath Community Centre because it’s central in the Heath area for the following: facilities for less able/disabiled children after school, schools holidays etc, and the same facilities can be used during the day by people who live in nursing homes etc, who don’t get out and yet able to do so.
  • Bakery near Millfield Victory can this be used? Social Enterprise? Car park needs work.
  • PCSO office at the Leisure Centre.
  • Communication of what is going on and helping people get engaged by using the community centre- better as a hub – open house.
  • Heath Community Centre would benefit with door into conference room from outside and door from conference room into kitchen.
  • Community Centre would benefit from being staffed part time.
  • Extension to the community centre – build onto existing conference room to provide additional space- self contained meeting room, could be used as office, area for youth groups etc.
  • Medical centre with ‘drop in’ facilities.
  • Sports Centre low cost.
  • Timetable for activities at Heath Community centre – what goes on there?
  • Community centre upgrade, flexible space – user friendly, syndicate rooms.
  • Do something with old bakery near St Mary's School.
  • Closed in Market for use in all weathers.
  • New floor in Heath Community Centre.
  • Drop in centre – use empty shops in town centre, comfy chairs etc.
  • Better facilities at the community centre.
  • More leisure facilities for children.
  • Facilities at the community centre for elderly.
  • Somewhere to meet – stop isolation.
  • More at Heath Community Centre.
  • Community café.
  • Better promotion and expansion of community centre, I believe that the centre had much more scope for use.
  • Better lighting surrounding the area of the community centre – safety.
  • More facilities in general.
  • Maybe some more get together buildings so the Heath can be more friendly.
  • Improvements to Heath Community Centre- lighting outside, improve look of outside of building, invest in facility.
  • Facilities and building that are fit for purpose – space for the community, open, enough space to enable a range of activities, safety and security.
  • Need a ‘community hub’, to offer local services from that residents can rely on, something that is accessible to all, doesn’t necessarily have to be open daily but a regular base for people to go to for support.
  • More sports facilities, try new sports, children 0-11 summer holidays.
  • Healthy eating shop with exercise advice – town centre.
  • Revamp and update the community centre, for use and a more flexible space for
  • Community activities. I currently lead the Uttoxeter community church which meet in Oldfields School Hall and would be interested in exploring the opportunity of relocating at the community centre.
  • Indoor floodlit carpeted pitches and or 3G pitch surfaces so you can enjoy playing sports in all weathers with changing rooms (ie willows centre derby) always very busy and good from children to adults.
  • The Heath community centre, particularly the toilets, the kitchen and the grassed area around it would benefit from some attention, the whole community can use the community centre and it's in an ideal location for a 'community hub'. I won't use it for children's parties as the toilets are in such a bad state of repair/cleanliness. It also needs a dedicated baby changing area.



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  • Communication to ease engagement.
  • Communication of what is going on and helping people get engaged by using the community centre- better as a hub – open house.
  • Finding out what’s on- website.
  • Knowledge of what’s going on in Town.
  • Up to date community website detailing what’s going on in the area – events, cinema times etc. Nowhere to go to that’s got all of the up to date information. Town Council website has markets but not much else, would be good to have a ‘one stop shop’.
  • Difficulties with engagement with young people and families – can be a lengthy process.
  • Help with networking – spreading the word about what groups, organisations and services are already in the area and developing relationships to support each other. Working together.


Community Activities

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  • Allotment Association could run courses/workshops for local residents, even if not association plotholders!
  • Community spirit.
  • Community activities - range e.g. singing.
  • Information about what’s going on, how to book the community centre- better publicity.
  • Support groups with relevant skill sets to support 3rd Age residents.
  • More community projects
  • 3rd Age residents – meetings/clubs
  • Additional youth groups
  • General groups that have common interests
  • Groups which could clear areas of litter etc.
  • Education and Skills and Leisure and Recreation should be linked. Wider exposure to more people and activities to widen and develop minds.
  • More adult involved community groups – Am Dram etc.
  • Bring back the community spirit. Looking out for the elderly neighbours.
  • Keep the Heath “joined up” with things for people to do and places to meet.
  • Developing community spirit.
  • “Free” sports sessions for all ages at Heath Community Centre.
  • Utilise Heath Community Centre for social interaction for the elderly.
  • Activities for children with special needs.
  • Finding out what’s on- website.
  • Timetable for activities at Heath Community centre – what goes on there?
  • More facilities like play areas and clubs for children with additional needs.
  • Youth club/drop in, something informal, after school, space for them to ‘hang out’, different ages on different nights.
  • Community cooking event to provide nutritional information for young families, elderly.
  • Gardening workshops.
  • Not much to do at low cost.
  • Computer classes for over 40s.
  • More amenities – free to keep kids active.


Community Groups and Volunteering

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  • Support for all local groups to help with running costs.
  • Generate growth for future employment and volunteering e.g. CVS.
  • Voluntary groups – use free of charge- help voluntary groups to get established.
  • Local groups in town – struggling to keep going.
  • Help out some of the groups who use the Centre, it’s cheap to hire, local, offers usage at a price no other place in town can.
  • Encouraging volunteering in the local area, increase levels of volunteer involvement in local groups to enhance sustainability.
  • Support local teams i.e Uttoxeter juniors football/cricket team with equipment as funding very tight and children would benefit from this.


Education and Skills

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  • After schools clubs education related for 9-13 age range.
  • There are good schools in the area.
  • Young people education classes
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Communicational skills
  • Education and Skills and Leisure and Recreation should be linked. Wider exposure to more people and activities to widen and develop minds.
  • E-safety – classes or help for parents to make sure children are safe online. Many parents I speak to know about the dangers but not what to do about it practically.
  • Support to schools – they are at bursting point, need facilities especially to cater for children with special needs.
  • The facilities need improving (Thomas Alleynes).
  • School to be better [facilities] (Thomas Alleynes).
  • Aspirations – skills after leaving education.
  • Free short courses i.e. First Aid – parenting skills.
  • For children and parents/carers- social skills.
  • Family learning – start early (age 2) on reading and early motor skills- would really help!
  • Enrichment activities, involve young moms and dads.
  • Developing forest schools initiative.
  • Under 5’s activities- outcomes as well. Activities for first school children.
  • Adult education in literacy and numeracy – offered with dignity and without prejudice.


Business and Employment

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  • Young business start up funds- assisted by individuals with general management experience.
  • Business and Employment – local jobs/local shops – local/accessible involvement.
  • Provide low rent units to encourage small business start-ups.
  • Help for people who want to start a small business (e.g. online) but don’t know where to start.
  • We need a good fruit shop and bakery – local so it is accessible.
  • Generate growth for future employment and volunteering e.g. CVS.
  • A growing and prosperous area.
  • Community shop e.g. Marchington.
  • Pop up business advice centre.
  • Not much choice of shops.
  • A good clothes shop and shoes shop all we have is a charity shop.
  • Supermarket.


Crime and Safety

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  • Clean and safe area.
  • PCSO office at the Leisure Centre.
  • PCSO office at community centre.
  • Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
  • Anti social behaviour [on Princess Road Park].
  • Crime prevention event to mark bikes, valuables and also provide prevention measures.
  • Anti social behaviour.
  • Teenage hooligans.
  • More presence of police. Crime and anti-social behaviour is increasing in this area.
  • Like the area because it is safe.
  • Not too much crime in the area.



[showhide type="health" more_text="Show Suggestions" less_text="Hide Suggestions" hidden="yes"]

  • I would like us to have our own ambulance service.
  • Where is our cottage hospital? Promised in 1975!!
  • Local Rehab hospital – 10 beds.
  • Mobile X Ray unit.
  • Ambulance service local based.
  • I am currently working in a local nursing home and have identified that terminally ill people are being inappropriately placed to die or for symptom management or respite care because there is limited palliative care available in the area. It means that in a time of great distress when relatives are ill family have to travel to stafford, stoke or whittington. I feel when people are terminally ill daycare and end of care should be developed locally. It would be a long term development but it would benefit not only the Heath area of uttoxeter but surrounding villages to plus teaching for local nursing homes on palliative care would be readily available plus bereavement care.



[showhide type="services" more_text="Show Suggestions" less_text="Hide Suggestions" hidden="yes"]

  • Set up small business that repairs houses in the area at a reduced cost.
  • Help (both cost and skills) with improving the appearance of some local properties.
  • Provide- gardening small jobs etc. at minimal cost.
  • Provide a ‘type’ of meals on wheels- could be run in conjunction with units for start up businesses.
  • Befriending scheme for any isolated residents especially older, but also single parents etc.
  • PCSO office at community centre.
  • Bring back the community spirit. Looking out for the elderly neighbours.
  • We need a good fruit shop and bakery – local so it is accessible.
  • Targeting vulnerable groups – all ages.
  • Set up visiting scheme for housebound.
  • Isolation visits- not to only OAP but vulnerable adults.
  • Community shop e.g. Marchington.
  • Medical centre with ‘drop in’ facilities.
  • Important to maintain a local presence for Borough-wide organisations and initiatives.


Older People

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  • Improve things for the older people in the area.
  • Improve and reduce social isolation i.e.: transport, activities, friendship.
  • Utilise Heath Community Centre for social interaction for the elderly.
  • Community bus (mini) to transport elderly.
  • Something for older residents (isolated)- dinner club, similar activities.
  • Facilities at the community centre for the elderly.
  • Drop in for OAPs.
  • Isolation is an issue for older residents, need services/facilities/activities that can help with these issues.



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  • Build a water wheel (or 2) on Picknall Brook to generate ‘green’ electricity and make an income for the area.
  • Compost (eco)-toilet on Millfield site.
  • More nature.



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  • Improve Maintenance grants to improve the appearance of properties
  • Leave area next to Grenville Close alone, no more houses or builders.
  • Empty house assessment to see where we have empty house then investigate why and see if they can be put back into use for young families.



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  • More public toilets.
  • And more dog mess bins.
  • Ensuring the investment is not squandered.
  • All age groups are included.
  • Is there restriction criteria on money spent?
  • A growing and prosperous area.
  • People working together and being proud of where they live.
  • Community leadership.
  • Need more sense of community – looking out for each other, talking to each other.
  • Local support for Redferns Cottage.
  • New pub (young family) with play area.
  • Support for people on welfare benefits in general but especially in light of changes being made to PIP.
  • Equal share [of money] to residents.
  • Pub with beer garden.
  • Town Council should keep the money coming into the town and stop breaking promises.


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