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Nearly £30k spent on new gym equipment at Bramshall Park

The Heath Big Local Partnership has responded to requests for more facilities in parks and green spaces in the Heath area by commissioning an outdoor gym as well as more equipment for young people.

Zdzislaw Krupski, Chair of the Partnership, said: “We are delighted to be able to meet the aspirations of many of those who replied to the extensive consultation process requesting improvements to our parks.

"I believe that the gym equipment is already proving very popular and will ensure that people of all ages can enjoy these additional facilities.”

Janet Dean, member of the Partnership and Chair of the Friends of Bramshall Road Park, said: “I’m glad that, through the Heath Big Local lottery funding, a total of £29,591, we have been able to have a programme of improvements to our parks and open spaces. The latest additions will bring opportunities for both exercise and fun.”

Partnership member, Nicola Wood, added: “We still have funding available for other parks and open spaces within the Heath area of Uttoxeter. If anyone has any ideas of what equipment or facilities are required in a park near to them or if they want to become involved in the Heath Big Local they should contact us on 01865 371789, or send us an email.

Sheila Gratton on a piece of gym equipment at Bramshall Park with Colin Gratton looking on
Colin and Sheila Gratton, Janet Dean and Nicola Wood at Bramshall Park on the new gym equipment

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