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Pennycroft Lane to see great new cyclist track

The Heath Big Local Partnership has listened to young people who want to see improvements to the parks and green spaces in the Heath area.

One of the requests made during the public consultation process was for a BMX style cycling facility.

As one of the first green spaces projects to begin, the partnership has awarded the design and building of this facility on Pennycroft Park to Clixbys Trail Builders. Work will soon begin on a Pump Track, which is a great way of providing a fun, rider-friendly workout to riders of different ages and abilities, using different types of bikes, whilst they improve their biking skills.

The Pump Track will also include a BMX style pro-line for the more accomplished riders and the BMX community, Clixbys, a local Staffordshire company are nationally renowned trail designers and builders.

They have built some of the most popular MTB trail centres and biking facilities throughout the UK, including the Monkey Trail at Cannock Chase, Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire, The Blade Trail, Afan, South Wales and the A2 Cyclopark in Kent.

Janet Dean, HBL Partnership member said: "We believe it is important that young people benefit from some of the one million pounds that is coming to the Heath area. During the consultation process there were many requests for improved facilities in our parks and open spaces and we want to meet those aspirations."

Nicola Wood of the Partnership added: "We are really grateful to Lisa Hemmings, Uttoxeter Cycles and local cyclists for their involvement and the invaluable advice they have given in developing this community project."

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