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Quick Wins

As part of the Big Local funding, Heath Big Local was given a start-up grant of £20,000. From the outset, The Heath Big Local steering group has deliberately been working to a tight budget to ensure that this money does not get squandered. The aim of this has always been to spend some of this money on smaller value projects, which can provide 'Quick Wins' and have a positive affect in the community as soon as possible.

After reviewing resident feedback, we are considering the following options:

HBL Investment at Bramshall Road Park

There have been a lot of suggestions regarding additional equipment at the park, which is regularly used by lots of people in the Big Local area. HBL could invest up to £5000 to help Friends of Bramshall Park, working with ESBC, to fund a Trim Trail for 6-13 year olds. Should we?

HBL Cleaner Streets and Parks Initiative

We've had lots of negative feedback about litter and dog fouling. HBL could invest in an initiative, working with ESBC, to encourage young people to think about the negative aspects of dog fouling and littering in the community. HBL could also promote a sign competition, asking young people to design signs and the winning entrants will have their signs made up and posted around the area.

Do you believe that education through thought and action could have some impact on the littering issues the area faces? Should HBL do this? We have been considering a budget of £3,000 for this.

HBL Green Space Initiative

We've had lots of feedback about green spaces and how they're used, with many suggestions for tidying up and planting.

HBL could look at just general tidying up, wild flower planting, community gardens or vegetable plots to name just a few ideas. Should HBL fund tidying up some green spaces in the Heath, and work with local residents to improve these areas? Which green space would you improve and how? Budget around £3,000.

Do you have any ideas?

We've told you what we think we could do quickly and relatively cheaply, do you have any suggestions? If so, please get in touch - we want to know.

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